The Zayas Law Firm has been representing victims of car accidents since 1990. We represent our clients in all types of motor vehicle accidents including: motorcycle accidents (including mopeds and scooters), pedestrians hit by cars and other motor vehicles, trucking accidents, car accidents, truck accidents, boating accidents, injuries suffered by bicyclists, and much more.

We at the Zayas Law Firm understand how an auto accident changes a person's life. Many accident victims experience a number of immediate emergency medical problems and difficulties while some others do not recognize the extent of their injuries until much later. In either case, these injuries can range anywhere from minor to major and may require short term or ongoing lifetime medical treatment.

It is important that your case is properly evaluated and pursued to ensure that you receive the right financial recovery to meet the financial needs resulting from your accident. Some of the types of damages which may be recovered include things like: car repairs or replacement, rental and towing fees; personal and household assistance expenses; medical expenses; lost wages; and payment for pain and suffering, and impairment to quality of life.

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