We have seen the scenario many times: a person is injured in car accident and the party at fault does not have insurance to cover for the losses. Experience tells us that if someone is operating a car, motorcycle, or truck without insurance, he or she does not have money or resources to compensate the injured party for the damages suffered. Connecticut law mandates that all motor vehicle insurance policies include coverage for car crash with uninsured motorist.

When the car at fault for the accident is uninsured, a claim may be made for bodily injuries against the insurance policy of the car occupied at the time of the accident, the injured party?s insurance policy, or the insurance policy of a relative with whom the injured party resides.

There are other situations where the law deems an accident to be with an uninsured motorist. Some of these situations are: To recover you need to prove that the car accident was not your fault that the at-fault vehicle was uninsured and the car accident caused you injuries.

Underinsured Coverage:
There are situations where the at-fault car, truck, or motorcycle is insured but the insurance is not sufficient to cover for the injuries and losses. If the policy of the car, truck, or motorcycle occupied at time of accident, your own policy or the policy of a family member with whom you reside, is higher than the policy of the at fault car, truck, or motorcycle, you may make a claim against said policy for the damages in excess of policy limits of the at fault vehicle.

To recover underinsured benefits you need to prove that the policy limits of the at-fault car, truck, or motorcycle is lower than the policy against which you are making the claim, that the accident was not your fault and the car accident caused your injuries and damages.

We have represented many victims of uninsured and underinsured motorist and have recovered more than two million dollars of uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. If you are the victim of an insured motorist, call Zayas Law Firm for a free consultation.